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"Deathlike Silence Productions" is the Oslo Record Label featured in the Rory Culkin movie "Lords Of Chaos" about the Black Metal Inner Circle.

Deathlike Silence Productions was a Record Label founded in Oslo, Norway by Mayhem guitarist  Řystein Aarseth who was known as Euronymous. The record label was the first extreme Black Metal Record Label in Norway and is considered to be the earliest originator of True Norwegian Black Metal.The label operated until the death of Euronymous in 1993 when he was murdered by fellow band member bassist Varg Vikernes who was also signed to Deathlike Silence Productions for his solo albums under the name "Burzum". Burzum was released first on the label before the first Mayhem full length "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" which is the only Mayhem record to feature both Euronymous and Varg Vikerenes.


Mayhem:  Guitarist Euronymous Was The Founder of Deathlike Silence Productions



    The Black Metal genre itself first began in Oslo, Norway in the late 1980's based on the influences of earlier Black Metal bands Venom and Bathory. Bands in Norway adoped a more brutal sound with high pitched screaming vocals and blast beat drums. The Black Circle under band leader Guitarist Řystein 'Euronymous' Araseth led the path for the creation of today's modern Black Metal along with Thorns Guitarist Snorre 'Blackthorn' Ruch who created the Black Metal Guitar sound as well as adopted Corpse Paint make up to distinguish themselves from other Heavy Metal bands.

     Mayhem's vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin committed suicide on April 8, 1991 by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun and slashing his wrists and throat with a knife in the house the band shared. Dead had been know for being extremely depressed, fascinated with death and hurting animals. Fellow band member Euronymous discovered his body, moved several items at the scene of the suicide and then took photographs of the body which was used for a bootleg Mayhem live album "Dawn Of The Black Hearts". The album was not released on Deathlikesilence Productions or other label due to the suicide photo and controversy around the live album which was then bootlegged instead.

    After the suicide Euronymous launched Deathlike Silence Productions off the hype around the suicide and the bootleg album which featured the suicide photo of the singer Dead on the cover to gain attention and seek more widespread recognition for the band Mayhem. Deathlikesilence Productions launched to release the first Mayhem and Burzum albums and ran out their Record Store Helevete (Hell) in Oslo, Norway. The building itself was large with a store front in it and the members of the bands inner circle would gather at the store and in the basement which became the focal point of Black Metal in Norway.

    The Record Label Deathlike Silence Productions and store Helvete was the main gathering place for the Black Circle and the Black Metal scene in Norway and launched the Black Metal genre in the early 1990's. People included in the Black Metal scene were the members of Mayhem, Emperor, Varg 'Count Grishnackh' Vikernes - Burzum, Thorns and the Record Label / Store  is credited for the creation of the entire Black Metal Scene.

    Euronymous was the leader of the belief system of the Black Metal Inner Circle which included the ideology that they were militant devil worshippers, were anti-Christianity, had totalitarian and Nazi beliefs, believed the Church Of Satan was too soft and they were purely evil. Members have stated that this was to provoke incidents from the public to gain attention for their bands and Record Label.

    Beginning in 1992 the members of the Black Metal scene in Norway began a series of attacks and arsons against churches with led to fifty attacks by 1996 and the murder of Magne Andreassan by Emperor's Faust who served fourteen years in prison. In 1993 a rift in the Inner Circle between Euronymous and Varg Vikernes had developed. Some members said that Euronymous was only posing as being Evil why the others in fact were, stating that Euronymous was only interested in Black metal for himself to gain commercial attention while others actually had the real Evil belief system.

    The group was exposed after doing a magazine interview in which they claimed responsibility for murder and church burnings as a stunt to gain attention and that it was fabricated. Members including Varg Vikernes were arrested but later released due to no evidence and Deathlike Silence Productions was closed do to the negative attention.

    After this the Norweigan Black Metal scene began to gain widespread attention and the rift grew between Euronymous and Varg Vikerenes leading to a dispute over the future of Burzum's albums and money and Varg Vikernes  criticized Euronymous for closing the store and record label. Both sides of the argument stated different opinions, Varg's was that Euronymous was only pretending to be Evil and was using the story to promote more commercial success for himself and then he tried to cut ties with Varg Vikernes and keep his royalties and media attention launched under Deathlikesilence Productions.

    The other side of the argument was that Euronymous was a devout devil worshipper and Satanist and that he planned to shock Varg Vikernes with a taser, tie him to a tree, kill him and film it on video like he had done with the photos of vocalist's Dead suicide scene.

    After the widespread media attention broke and Deathlikesilence Productions was closed Euronymous wrote Varg Vikernes a letter stated he planned to cut ties with him and apparently keep the attention and royalties for himself. Varg Vikernes took the letter as a threat Euronymous was using as a cover to lure him in and kill him to keep the band and label money plus the media attention. Varg Vikernes went to Euronymous' home where the two got in an altercation over the incident and Varg Vikernes claims that Euronymous attacked him and he killed him in self defence.

Euronymous - Oystein Aarseth, was the guitarist for Mayhem and also the founder of Deathlike Silence Productions.

Euronymous is considered to be one of the originators of the Black Metal sound and True Norwegian Black Metal.

During the operation of the record label Deathlike Silence Productions the band and their inner circle took part in a series of church burnings in Norway and we also linked to murders involving a group of Black Metal musicians in Norway including the bands Emperor and Thorns.

The first full length Mayhem record "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" was recorded at this time during the incidents with label funding provided by Varg Vikerenes to promote Burzum and to release Mayhem's first record.

After the recording of the album and before it's release Varg Vikerenes murdered Euronymous apparently over a contract dispute about who owned the money and material for the Burzum and Mayhem albums which Varg Vikerenes appeared on with his music on the Mayhem Record.


The record label featured the catalog number series "ANTI-MOSH" which is probably a protest to groove oriented Death Metal and signifies the opposite style of Earache Records who used the catalog number series "MOSH" representing Death Metal, which was opposed by Euronymous who only represented unrelenting Black Metal.

Anti-Mosh 001: Merciless - The Awakening - 1990
Anti-Mosh 002: Burzum - Burzum - 1992
Anti-Mosh 003: Mayhem - Deathcrush - 1993
Anti-Mosh 004: Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me - 1993
Anti-Mosh 005: Burzum - Aske - 1993
Anti-Mosh 006: Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - 1994
Anti-Mosh 007: Sigh - Scorn Defeat - 1993
Anti-Mosh 008: Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi - 1994
Anti-Mosh 009: Abruptum - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, in Aeternum in Triumpho Tenebraum - 1994

Merciless - The Awakening - LP/CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 001)

Recorded 1989 Released 1990.

Tracklisting: 1. Pure hate. 2. Souls of the dead. 3. The awakening.. 4. Dreadful fate. 5. Realm of the dark. 6. Dying World. 7. Bestial death. 8. Denied birth.

Merciless: Roger Pettersson- Vocals Erik Wallin - Guitars Stefan Carlsson - Drums Fredrik Karlen - Bass

Burzum - Burzum - LP/CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 002)

Recorded 1992 Released 1992.

Tracklisting Side Hate:

1. Feeble screams from forests unknown. (Vikernes) 2. Ea, lord of the deeps. (Vikernes) 3. Black spell of destruction. (Vikernes) 4. Channeling the power of souls into a new god. (Vikernes)

Tracklisting Side Winter:

1. War. (Vikernes) 2. The crying orc. (Vikernes) 3. A lost forgotten sad spirit. (Vikernes) 4. My journey to the stars. (Vikernes) 5. Dungeons of darkness. (Vikernes)

Burzum: Kristian Vikernes - Vocals, All Instruments. Oystein Aarseth - Guitar on "War"

Mayhem - Deathcrush - EP/CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 003) Recorded Febuary/March 1987. Released 1993.

Tracklisting Side 1: 1. Silvester anfang. (Mayhem) 2. Deathcrusch. (Mayhem) 3. Chainsaw gutsfuck. (Mayhem) Tracklisting Side 2: 1. Witching hour. (Mayhem) 2. Necrolust. (Mayhem) 3.(Weird) Manheim. (Mayhem) 4. Pure fucking armageddon. (Mayhem)

Mayhem: Svein-Erik Kristiansen - Vocals Oystein Aarseth - Guitars Kjetil Manheim - Drums Jorn Stubberud - Bass Eirik Nordheim - Vocals (Session)

Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me - LP/CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 004) Recorded 1992 - Released 1993.

Tracklisting Side 1: 1. Obscuritatem advoco amplectere me (part 1) Tracklisting Side 2: 1. Obscuritatem advoco amplectere me (part 2) Abruptum: Morgan Hakansson - Guitars, Sounds, Darkness Tony Sarkka - Vocals, Screams, Torture

Burzum - Aske - EP/CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 005)

Recorded April/August 1992. Released March 1993.

Tracklisting Side Hate: 1. Stemmen fra tarnet. (Vikernes) 2. Dominus Satanas. (Vikernes) Tracklisting Side Winter: 1. A lost forgotten sad spirit. (Vikernes) Burzum: Kristian Vikernes - Vocals, All Instruments. Thomas Thormodsater Haugen - Bass

Mayhem - De mysteriis Dom Sathanas - LP/CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 006)

Recorded 1993 -Released May 1994.

Tracklisting Side 1: 1. Funeral fog. (Mayhem) 2. Freezing moon. (Mayhem) 3. Cursed in eternity. (Mayhem) 4. Pagan fears. (Mayhem) Tracklisting Side 2: 1. Life eternal. (Mayhem). 2. From the dark past. (Mayhem) 3. Buried by time and dust. (Mayhem) 4. De mysteriis dom sathanas. (Mayhem) Mayhem: Attila Csihar - Vocals Oystein Aarseth - Guitars Jan Axel Blomberg - Drums Kristian Vikernes - Bass

Sigh - Scorn Defeat - CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 007)

Recorded March 1993. Released 1993.

Tracklisting Side Revenge: 1. A victory of dakini. (Sigh) 2. The knell. (Sigh) 3. At my funeral. (Sigh) 4. Gundali. (Sigh) Tracklisting Side Violence: 1. Ready for the final war. (Sigh) 2. Weakness within. (Sigh) 3. Taste defeat. (Sigh) Sigh: Mirai Kawashima - Vocals, Bass Shinichi Ishikawa - Guitars Satoshi Fujinami - Drums

Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi - CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 008)

Released Febuary 1994. Recorded 93-94

Tracklisting: 1. Lifandi lif undir hamri. (Peersen) 2. Vetrarnott. (Peersen) 3. Midgards Eldar. (Peersen) 4. Heimdallr. (Peersen) 5. Norvegr. (Peersen) Enslaved: Kjetil Grutle - Vocals, Bass Ivar Skontorp Peersen - Guitars, Piano, Electronics Kai Johnny Mosaker - Drums

Abruptum - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum - CD.

Deathlike Silence Productions (Anti-Mosh 009)

Released 1994. Recorded May 1993.

Tracklisting : 1.In umbra malitiae ambulabo, in aeternum in triumpho tenebraum. (Abruptum) Abruptum: Morgan Hakansson - Guitars, Sounds, Darkness Tony Sarkka - Vocals, Screams, Torture

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